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Hey Guys, Blitz Hedgii Here
Welcome to Team Lightburst's Official Fansite =D
First things First the Team

:iconxxblitz-hedgiixx: Blitz the Hedgehog, myself of course XD, leader of Team Lightburst and the muscle of the group. I specialise in combat and though i dont look like it, i got alot of strength XD. I manipulate Chaos Energy in various forms, my most famous being my finisher; Chaos Pulse. At times i find i have some sort of dark power inside me, but i have no clue what is is yet. I generally tend to rush into a situation, and id do anything to ensure my team was safe. however i have been known to think...sometimes :XD:

:iconmysticalgrl24: Destiny the Hedgehog, she likes being called Destii though ;p. Shes the fastest of the three of us, so shes our resident Speed demon. She has Telekinetic abilities and is starting to pick up healing and medical techniques. Destii genrally acts as backup, covering me and Galaxy in the heat of the fight, doesnt mean she cant bust a few moves through, trust me you dont wanna get in her way O.o...Her finishing move is Psycho cut, she uses a blade of telekintic energy to Slice the opponent to shreads...ouch.

:iconmerlinja: Last but not least, Galaxy the Viscacha, she likes to be nicknamed Gala, G, brainfart and Galaie. A fair but feisty Viscacha. She is not too kind or too nasty. She can be agitated very easily which makes her short tempered. She can have silly moments at times which makes EVERYONE laugh. She is independent and trustwothy. When Galaxy is given a task or something to do, she does that until it is finished. She can be a bit ignorant,immature,rude at times. Even though she is all of those things, she has respect and honesty. Her element is air. Her abilies are Air slash, air kick, tornado,flight (her air element allows her to fly.When using flight, angel-like wings grow on her back) and wind fist.

Team Moves:
- Tele air-melee
Destiny uses her telekinetic powers and Galaxy uses her air powers to give me a lift, in more ways than one. They use me as a puppet and help me to pull of arcobatic and difficult attack combos. Their telekinetic advantage also packs quite a punch, as it can act like a shield around me, when im in the thick of it.

- Team Finisher : Psycho air Chaos Cannon
I supercharge my body with chaos energy and spin in a mad spindash. Meanwhile Destiny and Galaxy harness my energy and concentrating it using their telekinesis and air. They make me spin faster and faster until i reach nearly 12,000 RPM. They then launch me with great force and aim me directly at the target, steering me with their powers. At that speed and with that force, im bound to smash anything in my way. Though it makes me feel very dizzy after @.@

So thats us, Team Lightburst! Feel free to contribute art of us, and also dont worry about becoming a member ;)
Friends, Family, AND THE GOLDFISH! lolz XD so yeah, feel free to spread the work, and we are always happy to affiliate with other groups ^^

Well thats all from me =D
On behalf of Team Lightbusrt..

Blitz-hedgii signing out!  :iconxxblitz-hedgiixx:

* Edited by :iconmerlinja:
blossom-flower Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010
Don't forget that Emma has also shadow and ice elements ;)

Emma's main elements are air and ice and secondary elements are Phychic and shadow (which are very basic and less powerful than her main elements).

Shadow,the element,is a mixture of powers,she has the powers to turn invisible,a ghost,dark you name it :D
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